Friday, February 13, 2009

Falling Man by Don DeLillo

Through the twisted wreckage of buildings, politics and lives, Don DeLillo write a great story design on the most hallowed ground. The "Falling Man" by DeLillo's review the horrific events of 9/11 and its aftermath. The book reveals the human dramas of that great tragedy through juxtaposing emotions:
the fear and the courage, the broken and the healed, and the urgent and the steadfast. DeLillo write a very heart touching story. The story centers on a family in crisis whose remarkable characters are victims of both 9/11 and their own family problem. The sometimes husband and wife, Keith and Lianne revive their marriage bonds when he arrives at her apartment, injured and her shirt was full of debris from the Trade Center.
The autopilot marriage slowly begins to crack as their post-9/11 pursuits pull them apart. Even their young son, Justin, also can’t avoid the disasters that are yet to come. The young Chorus may childishly imagine the "Ben Lawton" in their future, but indeed we continue to suffer the widespread devastation or ultimate doom evil he personifies.
Nina, Lianne's mother, and her never-husband, Martin, are vehicles for the way and conventional judgments that measure our societal worth. In the end though, what matters most to DeLillo is the individual right of self-determination and expression. Our actions during life's free-fall are our true worth.
Keith and Lianne are flawed, but are compassionate, decent and will endure.
The terrorist claiming devotion to God and observance of religious principles confronts his mortality not in the arms of restless virgins, rather he discovers a fuselage of shrapnel, flames, and ashes. He is ultimately to be exhaled by the Towers, joining his victims in one final, mighty breath.
Then heaven can truly judge him for his humanity.

The Quest by Wilbur Smith
“The Quest” is all about the kingdom of Pharoah Nefer Seti. Taita, the Long Liver, who has the power to live several human generations, and Warlock are the two principal characters around whom the story revolves. Taita also has several the supernatural powers.
He has the gift of the third eye and because of that he can sense the aura of people and can sense assess the vibrations they give out. He can also tell whether they are good or evil.
However his life is also a strange tragedy. He has been misunderstood and he life was turned into a eunuch while he was still a young man.
His secret sorrows include the fact that he can neither show himself to any woman nor sire a child. He has been the right hand man of several generations of Egyptian emperors and he holds sway over the twin kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt.
When the novel opens Taita’s twin Egypt is on the verge of destruction.
The river Nile, on which the entire civilisation of the kingdom depends, has dried up and Pharoah Nefer Seti has to send his trusted lieutenant Taita to the source of the river to find out what has stopped the life giving flow of the sacred river.
The Quest is about this search till the end of the civilised world where river Nile takes birth.
After fighting and winning battle after blood gory battle Taita finally enters the lair of the great witch Eos, the ethereal lady of the Devil. Taita’s brave soldier Meren loses an eye in a battle and Eos manages to get a seed planted in wound that grows into a new ‘third eye’.

The product that we compare in our movie maker project are the original proton saga which is the first car made by our national car maker proton and the latest proton saga that was introduce to replace the ageing old saga.
The old saga was design base on the 1983 Mitsubishi lancer fiore because at that time proton are too inexperience to design a car from stretch. The car font view are like the 1983 Mitsubishi lancer fiore with slight modified done to the head light and also the space between the two head light where the logo was place. The head light was a square shape that is place slightly steep. Next is the logo. In the old saga the logo use was a moon plus a star and the background colour was blue. This is the first official logo use by proton because this logo has quite an Islamic feature in it and the blue background colour represents a united Malaysians. The bumper part also looks like the bumper in the 1983 Mitsubishi lancer fiore with modification to the light and also the slope of the bumper. The original proton saga was powered by SOHC 8-valve 4-cylinder petrol engines that was supplied by Mitsubishi under an collaboration agreement between proton and Mitsubishi, this power plant are available in both 1.3- and 1.5-litre displacements with a 5-speed manual transmission or 3 speed automatic transmission. The Interior look also like the 1983 Mitsubishi lancer fiore but the dash box was give a few change so that it doesn’t look exactly the same as the 1983 Mitsubishi lancer fiore. The meters on the old saga are using analog display. The rear lamp use an square shape design as like the 1983 Mitsubishi lancer fiore. The car rear views are like the 1983 Mitsubishi lancer fiore with slightly modification done on it.
The new saga is an in-house design developed in collaboration with Korea's LG CNS and Lotus Engineering which is owned by proton. The car front view looks nice, compact and is a nice looking 4 door sedan. The head light look like a tiger eyes. Next is the logo. In the new saga the logo use was a gold tiger head. This is the second official logo use by proton because this logo represent that proton wanted to have the fighting spirits like tiger in order to survive in the competitive environment in the automotive industry. The bumper part have a smooth and clean line that look pleasing to eye. The new saga was powered by 1.3-litre Campro engine which is co-designed by proton and Lotus, this power plant are available in 1.3 displacements with a either 5-speed manual transmission or 4 speed automatic transmission. The interior look nice and have ample space and look totally different from the old saga. The meters on the new saga use both the analog and digital display. The rear lamps also have a nice looking design. The car rear views look like the outgoing Mercedes Benz W203 C-Class.

As a conclusion, the two saga made by proton have many similarities and differences. From that we can see that how proton car making technology have improved since it was established. But it hard to choose the winner between the two saga as the old saga will always be love by the older generation while the new saga will win the vote from the younger generation of Malaysians.