Monday, March 30, 2009

Brave New World by Huxley

Huxley wrote it in 1932, he had recognized himself as a writer and social satirist. Brave New World opposing to the most popular novels of the time, Huxley wanted to provide an alarming vision of the future. It describes an ironic ideal society. The humanity is free from care, enthusiastic and industrially extremely developed. Competition and poverty have been eliminated and each person is eternally happy due to government-provided stimulation. The irony is that all of these things have been achieved by eliminating many things that humans consider to be central to their identity as far as family, culture, art, literature, science, religion other than idolatry of what they called "our Ford", referring to Henry Ford, who could be considered the father of their society. It is also an idea to maximize the total of pleasure with a minimum of ache, obtaining pleasure from morally wrong sex and drug use, especially “SOMA”, is a powerful dream-inducing drug which is employed by the government as a method of control through pleasure and immediate availability. It is ordinary among the culture of the novel for everyone to use it for doesn’t matter what: sex, relaxation, concentration and confidence, it makes it possible for everyone to be entirely satisfied to do the assigned tasks of their social group. It has no short-term side effects. Death itself is not feared in the World State. People typically die at age 61, having maintained good vigor and apparent youth up to that point. Their bodies go to crematoria, where vital elements such as phosphorus are extracted from the exhaust of the furnaces. Children are taken to the crematoria to see the bodies, accustoming them to the inevitable cycle of life and death. Since children do not know their parents, they cannot lament their deaths.