Monday, March 30, 2009

Tell-Tale-Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

The story begins with a man trying to convince someone that he wasn’t crazy. He goes about defining being crazy as ones senses being dulled; and to the contrary his were heightened. He then goes on to explain the story in a calm collected manner to further prove that he is in his right state of mind. He begins by talking about an old man of whom he was very fond. The old man was wealthy, but that was not why he cared for him. The old man never offended nor insulted him in any way. There was one thing however that bothered him about the old man which was his eye. It revolted him to the point that he felt that he must kill the old man to get rid of the eye.
He then goes into how clever he was by sneaking into the old man’s room every night unnoticed a week before he actually killed him. He then claimed that a crazy person could not have done such a thing with the amount of precision he used. Every night he went there he wasn’t able to kill him due to the fact that he wasn’t able to see the eye. On the last night that he snuck in he made a bit of noise and the old man sat up in his bed and asked who was there. No one answered so the old man began to make up excuses in his head for the noise he heard. For an hour they both stood silent, waiting. All that could be heard was the old man’s heart; growing louder and louder by the minute. At first it sounded as if it were a watch that was covered in cotton, but then it grew so loud that he thought the neighbours might hear it. Finally his hand fumbled and a bit of light was uncovered from the lantern. The light shone directly on the old man’s eye. The sight of his eye infuriated him so that he ran at the old man, grabbed his legs and pulled him off the bed. The old man let out a loud yell but it was stifled at once for the bed was pulled over him and he was crushed. He then cut the old man’s head and limbs off and put his body under the floor boards in his room. He sat there for a moment in satisfaction of how he cunningly took care of the situation and that he was finally free of the evil eye.
A few moments later he heard a faint sound, similar to a muffled watch. Before he could think about it he heard someone at the front door. So proud of himself he eagerly went to see who was at the door. He opened it to be greeted by two police officers. They asked him about the loud scream his neighbours heard earlier. He explained it was him waking from a nightmare then invited them in to give them a tour of the house. He told them that the old man was in another country and that he was tending to his things for him. He brought them to the old man’s room where he was buried under the floorboard and started a conversation with them. All of a sudden he started to hear a heartbeat. He tried to talk over it but it only grew louder and louder until it grew so loud he confessed everything.